Listen to the waves and you will hear our hearts beating:

I’ve loved watching my kids grow up on this beach. Our first time here was in 2006 when they were 5,2, and 1. If sand and waves could talk, they would tell you a story of 3 kids who found pieces of their soul at this place that is our 2nd home. When they were little they would gather sand, build sand castles, run and splash in the waves, collect shells, look for turtles and crabs, and bury each other, this little edge of earth being their natural playground. The years gave way to tanning, parasailing, banana boat riding, swimming, fishing, and meeting new friends from other states and hanging out for hours upon hours. We’ve brought friends and family and friends who became family and we always build a tighter, stronger bond each year at the beach. Every year, we leave a piece of our heart here and when we return the following year, our hearts become whole again. As they grow and become adults with their own families, it fills me with joy to know they will always carry the sounds ,sights and lessons of the ocean in their hearts.

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