Not just a road trip: our anniversary weekend

Our anniversary weekend: A little adventure, some exploring and a whole lot of relaxing. I’m usually amazed not in the destination but at what happens along the way. Throughout our 21 years married, we have planned many a trip for ourselves and our family. Sometimes we stay in Ohio, and many times we venture farther to discover little slices of happiness in waves crashing, sandy toes, or rolling, steaming mountains. But the happiness that is with us daily and can be found at a turn of a key is along that open road. We talk, we laugh, we cry, we tell stories, we sing, we argue about who controls the dials and who is a better driver, and we reminisce about old times and the ones that have gone before us. Even on regular old weekends sometimes we just choose to drive. For on our little road trips is where the threads of our bond are woven more intricately together. Every car we’ve owned together could whisper a chapter of our lives. When the engine roars to life and the wind rushes through the cracked window hitting my face in just the perfect way, I can hear our story. And when the day is over, the road always leads us right back home to our cozy little cottage where we can just be us tucked away from all the world , free to just…. breathe. It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

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