I’m a city girl with fire in her heart and peace in her soul…..

I’m a city girl. I love shopping and fun food and restaurants, live music, downtown lights and the hustle and bustle of intermingling cultures and souls from all walks of life. I’m a city girl with fire in her heart and peace in her soul. That peace comes from lessons learned throughout my life and choosing a different path at the fork in the road.
No one told me that when I got married and became a mom that the people I chose and the humans I created would teach me just as much as I taught them. When the kids were little, I just wanted to have family time and give them experiences. I wanted to teach them about the world and all the wonderful things in it. God knew I needed help with that because I didn’t even know the half I was missing. Not just in Shane as a partner but in needing a co-teacher for our children, and our children being the missing pieces to our family puzzle. Only God knew how we would all fit just perfectly together but yet I was still given a choice and would only unwrap the complete gift twenty plus years later. That’s a huge leap to take when you are 21 years old but I did it and that act now is what I know to be faith.
Our camping trips have changed over the years. From tents to campers, back to tents.. from bikes, and pools, fishing and kayaking, to four wheelers, dirt bikes, from little hands needing help to grown hands doing things on their own, from Shane building the fire to the kids bringing their own camper and fire wood, the list goes on. But what there has always been is family around the camp-fire, joy, laughter, deep conversation, adventure, trying new things, facing fears and making the best of what we had.
I’m a city girl with fire in my heart. The camp fire where many memories have been made, the fire that brings warmth to my soul, the fire that provides for my family in many ways, and the fire that will burn you if you hurt any of my children.
I’m a city girl with peace in my soul. The peace I get from knowing that my kids have pieces of me and pieces of Shane to carry them through all of life’s situations. The peace that is deep. It’s deep because I know it wasn’t just me alone that had a hand in creating this life I live. And the peace that comes from knowing my babies will be ok out in this world because they have the fire too, even if they don’t know it yet.
I’m a city girl with fire in her heart and peace in her soul.

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